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Make Ads That Make Money

What is your goal in advertising? Of course the overall goal is to make money. However, when you’re reaching out to customers are to looking to get known or remind people you’re around? In this week’s CAKE workshop, Graham starts off by giving a brief history on the evolution of advertising. He even recounts the […]

How to Use Twitter for Business

All of the attention recently has been on Facebook’s recent IPO. Let’s not forget about one of the most important elements in your business, Twitter! In this session of CAKE, Social Media Strategist Derek Wyatt, shared his tips, tricks and secrets on how to make Twitter one of your most effective methods of connecting with […]

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Let’s face it, everyone’s bullshit radar is at an all time high! They’re ignoring billboards, radio ads and who reads the newspaper anymore? Just like other shifts in marketing trends, you have to go where the consumers are spending most of their time. In today’s market, that meeting space of people is online. More specifically […]

Week 4: Market Research (Preview)

Most people think about market research as this long and drawn out process of spying on your competition. When you’re strapped for time and money the easiest way to gain knowledge about your product and it’s viability in the market place is simply through launching your product! Sounds crazy? You might be right. However time […]