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A Touch of Design

What colors and fonts do people respond to the most? Where should you place your call to action? What the heck is the rule of thirds? We dove into the world of design this week with CAKE. There are a slew of tips that one can easily implement to make their website, brochure, or whatever […]

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Let’s face it, everyone’s bullshit radar is at an all time high! They’re ignoring billboards, radio ads and who reads the newspaper anymore? Just like other shifts in marketing trends, you have to go where the consumers are spending most of their time. In today’s market, that meeting space of people is online. More specifically […]

Week 3: Branding

This is your brain…   This is your brain on brands! This week on CAKE we’ll be covering branding. Now that is a wide enough topic to take a couple of weeks, so specifically we’ll be discussing. How the brain processes brands. Get highly detailed insights from Graham Talley on the mental triggers you can […]