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Wasting Money

Measuring ROI: Don’t Be Vain

Unless you’re just throwing money down a black hole, chances are you are measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) of your expenditures. [Side Note: If you are spending money wildly, you must be new here. People familiar with C.A.K.E. know that we’re all about being resourceful. So if you’re new, welcome. After you’re done here, […]

treasures in junk mail

One Person’s Junk Mail is Another Person’s Treasure

If you’re a business owner, you shouldn’t be so quick to throw away junk mail or block ads online. WHY? There are little nuggets of wisdom hidden with every coupon clipper or banner ad. As a small business owner, you’re challenged with the task of getting in front of your customers. Typically this challenged is […]

Market Research and Focus Groups

Market research isn’t cut out for everyone.  In this special edition of CAKE, we divide up the workshop into three different segments. First, Graham leads off with a quick lecture on Market Research and the philosophies on it by different companies. Next he interviews Akiko Oguchi of 5th Season Designs about her newest business, a […]

This is Only a Test

This session of CAKE dove into the world of testing. We primarily focus on using the scientific method when it comes to our business decision making. It may sound a little nerdy, but testing out your ideas will save you a lot of time and money by not chasing things that aren’t important. There are […]