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Portland Business Journal: Struggling with your startup? ‘Entretherapy’ is on the way

From the Portland Business Journal: “Get more than a couple entrepreneurs in a room together and the conversation can some times turn into group therapy. Taking that idea, the founders of CAKE (Consulting And Knowledge Exchange) are taking what has become a weekly meetup for some free business consulting and turning it into Entretherapy…” Read […]

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There is No Secret Recipe

With the influx of business information out there, why are businesses still failing? Perhaps it’s taking shortcuts, missing steps, or failing to have the proper knowledge? These are good people with good ideas, and yet they still can’t make it happen. In business school we are essentially taught how to be good employees. We are […]

Wasting Money

Measuring ROI: Don’t Be Vain

Unless you’re just throwing money down a black hole, chances are you are measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) of your expenditures. [Side Note: If you are spending money wildly, you must be new here. People familiar with C.A.K.E. know that we’re all about being resourceful. So if you’re new, welcome. After you’re done here, […]

treasures in junk mail

One Person’s Junk Mail is Another Person’s Treasure

If you’re a business owner, you shouldn’t be so quick to throw away junk mail or block ads online. WHY? There are little nuggets of wisdom hidden with every coupon clipper or banner ad. As a small business owner, you’re challenged with the task of getting in front of your customers. Typically this challenged is […]