The Last Slice of CAKE

Shhhhhh… Do you hear that?

That was a pin drop. You could only hear such a thing from sheer silence.

Like the silence we’ve been having for the past couple of months.

A lot has happened… Where to start?

How about from the beginning…

Over 4 years ago CAKEpdx began as a conversation among friends over coffee at Common Grounds Coffee (a lot of business has been conducted there).

47 months ago we threw our first session of CAKE.

In the first year, we ran 42 events out of 52 weeks, recorded them on video, and uploaded them to YouTube.

That was an insane pace to try and keep up with…

The next year we began our monthly meet up.

We called them, Cake Studies!

After that we evolved into Entretherapy, our most popular format!

And Now…

We are all done.

It’s not with heavy hearts that we make this announcement, instead we make this announcement in celebration!

Celebration of a new chapter in our professional lives, but more importantly, a celebration of the hundreds of Portland entrepreneurs that we have met over the years.

While this is the last slice of cake, it’s not the last you’ll hear from us. 

We’ll still share our favorite startup/business articles on Facebook & Twitter as well as email you when we discover that an amazing business event hits the scene.

Thanks again for allowing us into your business lives,

Graham, Ashkahn, and Derek
(the crew at CAKEpdx)

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