The Most Powerful Skill Entrepreneurs Must Have…


You use WORDS every day.

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Whether you’re writing an email to your newsletter, verbally selling to your customer, designing your product’s label, or pitching to an investor for funding, you have to be a master of words in order to get ahead in business.

The above four examples are just a fraction of a fraction of the places where words are used within your empire. Perhaps it’s the fact that they’re everywhere as to why we rarely pay them any attention.

For the simplicity of a single email, I’m only going to cover how written words convert to sales. Verbal words used in pitching is a whole other topic.

As I meet with local startup founders, I notice some common pitfalls that entrepreneurs easily get sucked in to. I can see these faults easier than most since my background is in marketing. While you don’t have to be a marketing expert, knowing how to write good copy is a fundamental skill.

Avoid these traps to get started on a path to better copywriting

Talking about how great you are… 
Most copywriting teachers will drive home the point, “It’s not about you, it’s about them.” Remember these words. If there is one takeaway in this whole email, it’s that you should remember that people wanted their problems solved, they don’t want to hear how great you are. A quick fix is to make sure you’re using benefit driven statements instead of listing features.

Saying WAY too much… 
The urge is to answer every question in your copy. Resist the urge. You could be raising topics that your potential buyer hasn’t thought of yet and that really aren’t important to their needs. However, now they have something else to ponder and will often delay purchase.

Saying WAY too little… 
You have to say enough to pique interest. If the product or service you’re selling is a bigger purchase, you’ll need to say more to make sure you convey that you are the answer to your customers’ problems.

There is also a point in deciding when the appropriate time is to use long-form copy or short-form copy. That’s one of the main debates in copywriting that you can research and form your own opinion on.

Can’t figure out why the thing you created isn’t converting into sales?

Examine the words you’re using.

Here is how you can improve your copy…

Know who you’re targeting
You can target everyone. Even if your product or service has many uses across many demographics, you have to still be targeted in your messaging. Coming up with a specific person that will buy your product is an important first step.

Know how you solve your target’s problems
Once you know who you’re targeting, now you have to convey that your offering is the answer to their questions. Don’t just guess what their problem is, ask them. Don’t rely on a survey, actually interview your customers. Use their own words they use to describe their problem in your Ad copy. It’ll sounds like you’re speaking directly to them.

Study How Its Done. 
Here are just two (I could share more) book recommendations to get a beginner’s look into copywriting.

This Book Will Teach You How to Write Better” by Neville Medhora. You should also sign up for his email list. His lessons are basic, but that’s where a lot of people need to start.

The Adweek: Copywriting Handbook” by Joseph Sugarman. After you get a foundation by Neville, this is your next step. While the examples may seem outdated, the principles are timeless.

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