Getting Outside & Playing Nice with Others

working from costa ricaThese past two months have been productive, distracting, adventurous, calm, and many other contradictions all at once.

In April, I spent three amazing weeks traveling across Costa Rica. I came back just in time to attend April’s Entretherapy, then got very sick which coupled with wanderlust, killed my productivity for a week.

Less than two weeks later I was heading to Denver for a marketing conference where punk legend, Henry Rollins, was the closing keynote speaker (at a marketing conference of all places). I had to witness that for myself and will definitely be writing more about that whole experience in the future.

What those two trips taught me is something that I’m going to share in three paragraphs:

Paragraph 1-
About a year ago I took a strong stance on networking. While I’m not going to backtrack much from that stance, I am going to say… It’s ok to meet new people! While traveling in Costa Rica, I mostly stayed in hostels and met some amazing people from all around the world with very diverse backgrounds. [Side Note: If you travel internationally, find a quality hostel. I promise you, they are not like the halfway houses we call hostels in America.]

Paragraph 2-
In Denver, I met  more  amazing  people  and this time we shared a common passion, online marketing. It didn’t take long for us to make a connection. The best part is that we didn’t have an agenda to boost our businesses through the conversations we were having, we were just able to connect — as people.

Paragraph 3-
I still believe that superficial handshakes and business card exchanges aren’t the best use of your time. Those environments attract people who are out to benefit only themselves. In most cases, they aren’t looking to make a connection unless you can do business with them. BUT as many of the speakers talked about during the conference, the best way to serve your business is to serve people.

It’s as simple as that. Serve. People.

If you’re like me, talking to strangers can be intimidating. Fortunately we’ve developed an event where a small & welcoming group gathers around a common subject, solving business problems. It’s called Entretherapy and it’s designed to serve people. If you’re a social butterfly, you’ll do fine at Entretherapy as well, we’re not awkward and we promise we won’t scare you off. 😉

Our hope is that through helping each other, we will not only grow ourselves, but our businesses too. On the last Wednesday of every month we run a session of Entretherapy, we hope that one day you can join us!

Until then… I’ll see you out and about,
-Derek Wyatt-

P.S.  We’re holding another Meetup that is FREE! If you’re interested in what exactly our crazy float tank business is all about, we’ve developed the Float Tank Fanatics meetup group. You’ll meet people curious about floating, people passionate about floating, as well as other float center owners in the city. It’s at the Back Stage Bar behind the Bagdad Theater and should be tons of salty fun!

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