We Asked, You Answered – A New Flavor of CAKE

I’m sure you’ve all read my previous post asking for your help on improving CAKE.

If not, I’ll save you the hour that it would’ve taken to read it. Basically we needed your feedback on how to deter people from reserving a seat and then not showing. We also were on the lookout for a new place to hold Entretherapy.

Good News…

Thanks to nearly three dozen positive (and one not so positive) emails, we’ve answered both questions within 2 days. First off, I’d like to announce our new venue for Entretherapy. Starting with this coming session on November 26th we will be gathering at Chez Machin Creperie.

Chez Machin home of CAKE and CREPESTheir address is:
3553 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR 97214

While we’re sad to be leaving the East Bank, we’re excited to be feasting on delicious crepes. So much in fact, that we’re thinking of changing our name to CREPEpdx:

Resources (for)

Yeah?!? Ok, maybe not…

Join us for some delicious food and tasty business advice. 


Now… here is how you solve the cursed “RSVP Squatter”

You charge. No refunds.

The feedback we received was to charge $5-15 per session.
We decided to hit right in the middle of that and also offer a bonus!

Entretherapy is now $10 per seat, but with each seat you’ll receive a drink ticket worth $5 to help quench your thirst. The other $5 will be divided in $1.75 for Eventbrite/PayPal fees and $3.25 for drinks for myself, Graham, and Ashkahn.

Since we don’t have to add extra seats to the capacity to account for people who RSVP and don’t show up, we can accurately limit the number of seats to 15.

So to recap:

  • Entretherapy is now at Chez Machin
  • A seat is now $10
  • No Refunds
  • Limited to 15 seats

If we find ourselves filling up too soon, we’ll consider adding another night of the month.

Now that we have that little piece of housekeeping out of the way, expect our next blog to be less about us and contain more information on how you can boost your business.

Thank you for your years of support, we’re excited about these changes and hope that you’ll try some CAKE 😉

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