A lesson in marketing… “It’s really easy”

I’m a member of a mastermind group that gathers at Nedspace.

One day, in a marketing lesson about being remarkable,
we sat around watching hilarious promotional videos for… 

Dollar Shave Club

One Wipe Charlies

and Poo-Pourri

Well the people at Poo-Pourri are back at it with this video 
(which earned over 500K views in less than a day)

(For some great literal toilet humor, watch the videos in the order listed)

… Notice that Poo-Pourri is pitching the same product as their first video,
but they spun the message to target a different audience.

This morning, one of the mastermind members made a comment that had me thinking:

“Marketing is really easy!”

Their point (and I agree), is that marketing itself is easy when you can think outside of the box, be creative/unique, not be afraid to build a niche following (notice how I didn’t say offend?), and have genuine enthusiasm for what you are doing.

Being remarkable and standing out in a sea of sameness will grow your business quicker than being bland and struggling on a blind set path. Your goal should be to get your customers to spread the word about you, for you!

Otherwise, marketing is really freaking hard! 

I come across a lot of business owners every day who try to describe their product/service and they often leave me thinking…

“Who is going to buy this over a competitor’s product? What makes you unique?”

If I decide to step up and ask that question they often spout off a feature or two that is different. This is often something that their competitor can easily mimic if they find it worth the time to add. Leaving the fledgling feature-focused startup, still without an audience and no different than the established competitor.

I find when a lot of businesses venture out to begin marketing their wares, they deliver messaging that’s bland so they can “attract a larger audience.”

When you try to please everyone, you WOW no one.

They don’t want to offend or alienate a potential buying group.
In doing so, they often fail to find a group interested enough in becoming their loyal followers.

***Note: You don’t have to offend to get noticed, just be remarkably different***

In my opinion, it’s ok to leave business on the table. This way the people who DO buy from you will be super fans and not left saying, “It has more features than I need” or on the flipside, “It lacks what XYZ company provides.”

Something that I have to remind myself of and I ask that you think of is…

What makes your business buzz worthy?

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