Can You Find a Good Website Developer on Craigslist?

Have you ever tried to find someone to build your website by searching through Craigslist?

WOW… there are a ton of ads.

Does this look familiar?

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Portland Website Developer Ads
As a person who places ads on Craigslist, it’s hard to get noticed among the sea of noise.
I can imagine it’s even harder to find a good service provider on Craigslist.

How can a person determine which web developer
to go with based off of a craigslist ad?

I’m sure you can go to their website and look at their portfolio,
but the truth is… people only put their best work online.

What really matters is if you are going to work well with the person and that they understand fully what you’re trying to accomplish with your website. You will be spending time explaining changes that you would like made and good, mutual communication is important…

BUT how can you determine that you’ll mesh well with the person you’re go to hire?

The first thing I would do is meet with them. Face to Face.

No skype chats, no hundred email exchanges, even a phone call can be insufficient.
Just sit down and talk with them about your business and what you would like to accomplish out of your website.

A Few Red Flags…

As I encounter people who have had websites built, I hear a couple of common warnings.

Don’t let your website developer host for you.
Basic shared web hosting shouldn’t cost more than $10/month. With this hosting plan, you can often host multiple websites for the same low fee. This is sometimes the very same hosting plan your web developer uses and will charge you $5/month to host with.

So you save $5/month, right? Sure… but what if they go out of business… or even forget to pay THEIR hosting provider? You guessed it, your website goes bye-bye. Own your hosting plan and give them access. Once you are done doing business, change all of your passwords.

Make sure you own the licensing to all of the images and software used to build your website.
In most cases you are asked to provide the content for your website. However, if your developer places up a bunch of images or installed a series of plugins, make sure you own the licenses to use the content.

You don’t want to receive a letter from the copyright holders.

If they are quick to discount, they don’t believe they are worth it.
… and neither should you.

It’s a tough world out there. People need to make a living. However, if you don’t feel that the work promised is worth your money, then don’t spend it. Upon saying no, if they magically lower their price, run. You’re buying a website, not a car.

A fair and honest service provider will offer their best price first.
Just say no to the pricing game.

Find Your Developer’s True Strength

type of web developerSome website creators are excellent coders. They love to throw around terms like PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, and talk about how your website will be built. You can spot their websites because they lack a certain pizzaz, because in most cases, they are logical/technical left brainers and lack the creative ability found in people who are right brain dominant.

Other website creators tackle your website from a design perspective. How it is built isn’t as important, what they focus on is the look. While an attractive website is important, it is just one piece of the battle.

People can get lost in design and website visitors don’t care how a website is built. People who visit your website want to find the information they are looking for and decide if they want to do business with you or not. This can be accomplished through making sure your online strategy is sound.

Be cautious of the person who says they can do it all. Especially if they are working alone.

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not a professional web developer.

I am a marketer and business consultant who happens to build websites. Very clean and simple websites that will get your point across and tell your story to your potential customers. OH… and my websites are easy to update by yourself. No need for a website developer to make updates for you (unless you like continuous retainer payments).

My goal in writing this is to help you decide the type of website developer you want to work with. Whether it’s me or someone else, making sure you know who/what to look for will help reduce the chance of a bad website creation experience. You have enough to worry about in building your business. Your website shouldn’t monopolize all of your time and energy.

If you decide you want to meet with me, we’ll discuss what you’re looking for in a website and I can tell you if I’m your person or not. IF in the event I find that I can’t build the website of your dreams, I will refer you to some great people who can.

I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read this.
Good luck in your journey,


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