Face to Face is Still Important in the Digital World

Living in a digital world, the first thing we hear a lot of new business owners talk about is how important it is for them that they set up a website, social media channels, email newsletters, etc. as one of the first tasks they do when starting their business.

We agree that securing your brand name on various social platforms is important. However, spending all day developing these platforms when you don’t have a steady stream of customers is a sign of having the wrong priorities.

What every business needs before a fancy Facebook page is sales.

Face to Face Communications

Even people who eat, sleep, and breathe the world of technology realize the importance of cultivating face to face relationships.

Don’t believe us?

Then talk to Sheri Dover, the founder of the PDX Code Guild (you can’t get any more involved in tech than teaching coding). We interviewed Sheri in a recent edition of Community ShowCAKEs.

During the interview, Sheri divulged the secret to growing her business… and guess what it is?

Connecting with people!

Here are some quick takeaways:

  • The Code Guild’s first customer was landed at a hacker event.
  • They continue to reach out to their market by hosting events & word of mouth.
  • Sheri & her team even go as far as using apps to limit access to social media for short periods of time to reduce distractions.

If a company whose clients spend 90% of their time working in front of a computer screen can build a company offline, you can too!

If you’re stumped on how to build your business without tweeting 50 times a day, join us at Entretherapy. As a group, we’ll help you grow your business… and make money!

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