To Grow Your Business, Venture Out of the Home

We’re going to let you in on a not-so-little secret…

We want you to be your own boss!
As counter intuitive as it may seem, the only income that you can be sure about is the income that you create for yourself. Sure businesses can fail, but at least most entrepreneurs can see it coming. If you’re paying attention to your business, you’ll realize that the struggle is too much to handle and you can either seek help or pull the plug on your own terms.

When you work for someone else, they can fire you at any time. 
(especially in Oregon and Washington)

In this growing, self-made economy, most businesses start with just one person. A good portion of these businesses we encounter are based out of an extra room in the house or even scattered across the dining room table. That method only lasts so long…

Eventually you’ll have to bring on help or meet with clients.
(If you aren’t doing the later, you are doing something wrong.)

Either way, the dining room office just won’t cut it anymore.
Working from home
So what do you do? 

The common answer is to start searching for expensive commercial real estate.

If your goal is to have a store front, this is a likely step.
BUT what if you just need a bigger, more professional workspace? (while keeping to a tight budget)

Here are a couple of options…

If you’re a maker of things, you should check out ADX. They have a wide variety of machinery and a plethora of brilliant minds that are creative with their hands.

If a bigger, more professional office is in your future, check out NedSpace.

If you have been to any of our gatherings, you might have heard us mention NedSpace a time or two. In a recent edition of our Community ShowCAKEs, we interviewed the founder of NedSpace, Mark Grimes.

CAKEpdx operates out of NedSpace. Having a place to go to every day creates purpose in your work day and will increase your productivity. I joke that when your biggest decision of the day is to put on pants or not, it’s time to leave the house.

Your home should be for personal time and family.
Creating defined lines between work and home will create more peace of mind.

I can personally attest that working along side other entrepreneurs is motivating and has given me the inspiration needed to boost my productivity. Take a tour or ADX, NedSpace or any other co-working place. Find a place where you know you can get the most work done.

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