There is No Secret Recipe

Forcing the Market from the Lean EntrepreneurWith the influx of business information out there, why are businesses still failing?

Perhaps it’s taking shortcuts, missing steps, or failing to have the proper knowledge?

These are good people with good ideas, and yet they still can’t make it happen. In business school we are essentially taught how to be good employees. We are given the tools to get jobs done, but are rarely taught what it takes to build companies. Conventional business education is hardly working anymore.

If everyone is doing the same thing, following the same practices,
how do they make their business stand out?

A big reason why a lot of businesses fail is because they can’t recognize a target customer’s true problem and be able to effectively provide a real solution. They start with the solution in mind and try to force it into the lives of their ”target customer.”

formula from lean entrepreneurWe can go on for hours (and have) talking about all of the things we do to build our businesses. We’ve shared so much information that you could build a competing business to CAKEpdx. However, knowing all of the tools, tactics, tips, and strategies don’t mean anything if you don’t use them …and we mean really use them. No shortcuts, no get rich quick schemes, and no secret recipes. Just pure unadulterated, hard work. Our belief is that if someone is able to take our information and out-hustle us, then they deserve it more.

Getting Shit Done effectively and efficiently is the only thing that stands
between you and success.

Here is a common problem that we come across:
Image from
People spend time building a business and wait for clients to find them. The old “if you build it, they will come” approach. The problem with this is they don’t start with the customer in mind: Who are they? What are their deepest problems? Why haven’t they solved those problems yet themselves? Answering these questions create a good start to building a product or service that will get people talking. There is of course, more to it than this, but we’ll save that for another time.

If you truly don’t know where to begin, it’s wise to seek out the advice and perspective of other successful entrepreneurs. That’s one of the main reasons why we started C.A.K.E. We wanted to create a resource, at first for our friends, but it eventually evolved into a collection of information that any entrepreneur can pull from… even ones who don’t live in Portland.

Join us for our regular gathering of Portland entrepreneurs and learn about business from the experience of other successful Portland business owners.

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