How to Regain Former Clients

***This post is primarily for freelancers and consultants. Even if you aren’t a freelancer or consultant, take these tips and find a way to apply them towards your business***

regaining-clientsAs your business grows, there are going to be times where you haven’t been on top of your game.

Perhaps you were still refining your skills early on. Maybe you were so busy that you couldn’t give the high level of attention that you would have liked to. Either way, some of your former clients may have become casualties of business.

You don’t have to let this happen.

Unless you’ve completely burnt a bridge and your client has left you cussing up a storm, there is still a chance to rekindle a relationship. Here are some ways you can earn back some former business:

Extend a Discount: While this shouldn’t be your go to move, you can temporarily offer a reduced rate to show appreciation for their past business. Let them know up front that you would love to work with them again and you’re offering a reduced rate to help them get started back with you.

Give them Suggestions: Has their business declined since you two stopped working together? Send them a one page paper on ways they can improve their business themselves. If they like your tips, chances are they’ll rehire you to do the work.

Offer a Redo: Are you completely embarrassed by your work? Offer to redo a portion of your past work to bring it up to your standards and current abilities. They’ll appreciate the spruced up work and may keep you in mind for future projects now they can see what you’re currently capable of.

Ask for a Testimonial / Referral: You don’t have to offer something to get clients back, you can ask them for something to re-open lines of communication. This will give you the opportunity to feel out what they think about your work. Perhaps they love your work and just haven’t made time to contact you. Asking them to give you a testimonial might just remind them why they loved working with you so much.

While freelancers and consultants spend most of their time trying to develop new business, there might be money left on the table with people who have already done business with you.

Leave us a comment and tell us which of these tips you’ve used and what was the result.

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