One Person’s Junk Mail is Another Person’s Treasure

treasures in junk mailIf you’re a business owner, you shouldn’t be so quick to throw away junk mail or block ads online.


There are little nuggets of wisdom hidden with every coupon clipper or banner ad.

As a small business owner, you’re challenged with the task of getting in front of your customers. Typically this challenged is faced with a bootstrapped budget. While you might not have the budget to participate in Every Door Direct Mail, you can learn from those who can. If you notice, the ads that you received in the mail (generally Tuesdays for me), are brought to you by some very large companies. Companies with large marketing budgets. In these large budgets, they are constantly A/B testing and measuring response rates to create a finely tuned ad that people will react to.

The next time you get a load of “junk mail” take a moment to sift through it. Make a note of the designs, headlines, colors, and other elements that caught your attention. There is a good chance that your target customers will like these attributes as well. Is there a particular online ad that catches your attention? Make a note of what you like about it and use it in your next Facebook Ad (it’s much cheaper that direct mail and you can hyper target to your ideal customer). You don’t have to take what you find in a print ad and only use it in print. Take what you find offline and incorporate it online.

Look at it from the business owner’s standpoint…

You wouldn’t want people to ignore your advertisements, would you?
Even if you’re not in the market for whatever is being sold, you can still find value in what others would consider junk.

Has another company’s ad inspired your marketing?

If so, leave us a comment on which one it was and what you liked about it.

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  1. Derek Wyatt September 5, 2013 at 1:37 pm #

    The Oatmeal does raise a good point:

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