Logos That Grow on Trees

Designing your company’s logo is a big decision to make.

Logo GardenVery few companies can be as lucky as Nike in having a globally recongized logo designed for $35.

However, we may have found the next best deal. At CAKEpdx we’re always looking for scrappy ways entrepreneurs can save money while growing their business. The other week we stumbled upon Logo Garden. They claim that in as little as 8 minutes you can design your own logo. While we always suggest doing things as quickly as possible, we’re going to say you should spend some more time on your logo than that. Refer to our CAKE Workshop where we talk about the basics of design. Once you’ve listened to Graham discuss some of the basics in design, take a shot a Logo Garden.

Remember that your logo is going to be shown off everywhere. Simple is better than complex. This will be the piece of art that is recognized on your Facebook page, business card, and even your website as belonging to your business.

If you’ve used Logo Garden, we’d like to hear from you! Leave a comment below and link us to your Logo Garden designed logo. Tell us how the process was and if you’d recommend others to give it a shot. If people have enough success, we may just add Logo Garden to our preferred list of resources.

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