Make Ads That Make Money

What is your goal in advertising?

Of course the overall goal is to make money.
However, when you’re reaching out to customers are to looking to get known or remind people you’re around?

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In this week’s CAKE workshop, Graham starts off by giving a brief history on the evolution of advertising. He even recounts the earliest billboards!

The following portions of CAKE, we dive in to how to make ads effective as well as offer up some scrappy methods that you can jump into advertising, RIGHT NOW!

The official CAKE recommendation is to either educate or entertain your customers. Don’t try to outspend the competition in advertising, otherwise someone else will some day come along and out spend you. Instead, be awesome and people will appreciate it and reward you by buying from you.

For reference, it might be a good idea to check out some previous sessions of CAKE for a full understanding. Sharpen up your design skills with our “A Touch of Design” workshop. Then jump over to “Killer Copywriting” to come up with words that will make your customers wet their pants.

Advertising doesn’t have to include expensive newspaper ads or radio spots that people ignore. Explore alternative options such as social media and neighborhood or lifestyle publications that your audience might be actually paying attention.

In whatever method you choose to advertise, make sure you have a traceable was of determining if your money (or time) was well spent.

07.18.2012 – Advertising Lecture

07.18.2012 – Advertising Q & A

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