My Week with the Mensches

I’m a firm believer of the best way to bring ideas to life is to share them with as many people. Last week I was fortunate enough to be allowed to assist with the IdeaMensch Road Trip as it made stops in Portland and Seattle.

First let me explain a little about what IdeaMensch is…
IdeaMensch is a website that posts daily interviews with entrepreneurs on how they bring their ideas to life. My relationship with IdeaMensch began with offering to help with their road trip. In turn, I was interviewed in late May. I had the privilege to meet with IdeaMensch founder Mario Schulzke and my connection to #IM48 was born.

I’ve always been fascinated with super ambitious people and Mario fits the bill. I feel that there is something that I can learn from them. I am a person motivated by the successes of others.

During the Portland stop, I had the chance to listen to:

Tim O’Leary, the CEO of R2CGroup.

Jennifer Foss, the face behind the popular blog

Paresh Patel, Founder of VendScreen.

Ryan Wines, a Managing Partner at Marmoset Music.

Benny Lewis, a professional language hacker and founder of

I made the trip up to Seattle to catch another night of inspiring speakers:

Rand Fishkin the CEO of SEOmoz.

Molly Moon, Founder of Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream shop.

Marc Nager, the CEO and co-director of Startup Weekend.

Kushal Chakrabarti, Founder of Vittana.

Garth Knutson, Co-Founder of What the Klout?

The wealth of information that I learned can’t be contained in a single blog post. Thankfully the guys over at IdeaMensch recorded everything and should be releasing videos shortly. The format of the talks were great. Nothing went on much longer than 20 minutes and all of the speakers clearly explained how they brought their ideas to life.

This past week has inspired me…

During the second half of CAKE, we are looking for people who have a strong skill at they can teach to others entrepreneurs. You can listen to Graham and myself talk non-stop, but I feel that it would provide more value if you were shown different povs.

In the spirit of IdeaMensch, we want to help bring ideas to life through the experiences of others. Our driving force is to help the early stage business owner be equipped with the skills necessary to have a better chance in succeeding in business.

If you want to follow the journey’s of the IdeaMench crew, you can go to Get inspired by the ideas of others by heading over to Soon you’ll be able to witness the speeches I had the privilege to see in person by checking out IdeaMensch on YouTube.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my past week. Even though I have had years of experience as an entrepreneur, marketer and business manager, I know I still have much to learn and I look for every opportunity to consume knowledge.

It is the goal of Graham and myself to inspire and educate others, we encourage you to give us feedback on how we can mold CAKE into an experience that will provide that to you. Please email us your thoughts and topic suggestions to

Thank you for reading about my week with the Mensches,


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