How to Use Twitter for Business

All of the attention recently has been on Facebook’s recent IPO.

Let’s not forget about one of the most important elements in your business, Twitter!

In this session of CAKE, Social Media Strategist Derek Wyatt, shared his tips, tricks and secrets on how to make Twitter one of your most effective methods of connecting with customers.

  • Learn how to search for and monitor your customers.
  • Find out when and how many times it’s appropriate to tweet.
  • Get a regimen for making twitter effective in less than 30 mins a day.

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Did you know that CAKE has used zero paid advertising up to this point?
A primary way we’ve spread the word about us is through Twitter!

Derek breaks down the steps it takes to get on Twitter, but also offers insight on building an audience as well as remaining authentic and not so pushy when marketing on Twitter.

There were a lot of Twitter tools that were shared during this session. Here is a list of what CAKE recommends for managing your presence on Twitter. Give them a try and stick with the ones you like. “Absolute must use” tools are in BOLD:

Hubspot: The absolute best source of Inbound Marketing information. You’re doing it wrong if you’re not following their expert advice! Advanced Twitter searching for finding new clients.
Hootsuite: an excellent way to monitor keywords and schedule content.
Buffer App: an even easier way to schedule content and spread it consistently through out the day.
Refollow: a great way to unfollow people who no longer are following you. One of the top methods of knowing who isn’t following you so you can unfollow them back.
Twit Cleaner: know exactly which accounts provide value to you and unfollow the ones who don’t.

Twitter for business is a topic that could be covered for hours. We did our best to fit it in this 46 minute video.

Pull up a seat and watch this step-by-step video of Derek explaining the basics of Twitter. This only scratches the surface of Twitter’s potential, so if you have any questions you can tweet him at either: @derekWwyatt or @CAKEpdx

05.23.2012 – Twitter for Business

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