Hiring Your First Employee

Hopefully your business gets to the point where you can bring on some help. You want to own a business and not a job, right?

So… How do you pick your first hire?

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During week 19 of CAKE we uncovered the ins/outs of hiring your first employee.

Learn how to legally use interns and volunteers can give your company a staffing boost with little to no cost.

When you do pay someone, find out what you should be doing to stay in line with taxes and laws.

All of these topics and more are discussed in the video below. We also have available for download an audio version so you can take CAKE on the go with you!

Enjoy Graham sharing the many employment strategies of Float On!

05.09.2012 – Hiring Your 1st Employee

We’re steps closer on our plan for an  iTunes podcast account. Soon you can just listen to use while you work, jog around the neighborhood or just stare at the wall. We don’t judge.

For now, you can download an .mp3 of this lecture:
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