How to Create a Facebook Vanity URL for your Business Page

We’re looking to expand our blog further into a series of “how-to” posts revolving around the little things that people might not think of when it comes to running a business. The first in our series of posts will be around marketing your business on Facebook. Most people think just because they’ve used Facebook as a person that it’s the same thing as a business… not quite.

For starters, did you know that you can have your own custom Facebook vanity URL like we have at

It’s simple and will help people find your presence on Facebook by having an easy to remember name to type in. Due to the fact that there are literally millions of Facebook pages, brainstorm a few URLs that you’d like to have. Preferably try to keep your brand consistent with other sites you might be on. Using CAKE as an example, our website is We’ve made sure to secure our twitter handle at @CAKEpdx. Our YouTube page is You watch us on Livestream at Hell, we’re even on Pinterest as CAKEpdx. Anyways you get the point it’s all about brand consistency. Your Facebook page should be no different. Unfortunately when you first set up your page for your business you aren’t given the option to create a vanity URL until you have at least 25 fans (in most cases). In case you’re not a Facebook expert, here is how easy it is to secure your own vanity URL:

1. Go to Your Edit Page settings

You have to know where this is. It’s the central hub of your page’s settings.

2. View Your Basic Information

Find the link for creating your new username in the “Basic Information” section. You can also go to but it’s always nice to know where to find it in your dashboard.

3. Create a Username 

In most cases you need at least 25 fans to create a username. So beg your friends to “Like” your page if you haven’t reached this milestone yet.

4. Enter Your Desired Username

I hope you came up with a list of usernames to test out. Keep it short, simple, and recognizable to your brand. If you own legal rights to a name, you might have a case to ask Facebook for your username from another page if that brand isn’t updating their page. Facebook doesn’t allow squatting on a username in hopes of being able to sell it later like people do with traditional web URLs.

5. Confirm Your New Username (No Going Back!)

Double check your spelling. Make sure this is the name you absolutely want to have forever. There are no redos and no changing your name later. It’s a big step in your Facebook marketing, you have to commit to it. OH, did we mention double check your spelling?

You now have a unique facebook URL to share with everyone.

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments section below. If you know of friends with profile pages for their brands, share this article with them. Facebook marketing is just getting started in popularity. It’s a good start to have a good name.

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2 Responses to “How to Create a Facebook Vanity URL for your Business Page”

  1. Randolph Stevens April 1, 2013 at 5:26 pm #

    I originally started with the {WORKING title} of a film I’m working on and a pop-up warned me off of any punctuation other than period. {.}

    Then I eliminated spaces between words {WORKINGtitle} and got the same pop-up.

    The all-caps is closely associated with the film, so don’t want to give that up.


    • CAKE April 20, 2013 at 8:26 am #

      If Facebook doesn’t allow it, then you’re typically at their mercy. All-caps has a negative connotation on the Internet. They vanity URL doesn’t matter as much in your case of wanting all caps as much as making sure your Facebook Page’s name is how you want it.

      For example: just redirects to In my test I was able to market my site as but it’ll reach the right people. When in doubt though, try contacting Facebook. I hope this helps.

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