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On Wednesday March 14th (Week 11) we suggested a few options to fund your business that didn’t include going into massive debt with a bank loan. We shared an example of a successful Kickstarter campaign from Bee Local Honey. Also Josh Fitz was awesome enough to share with us the ins and outs of grant writing.

"Right Click" and "Save Link As" to download this week's CAKE recipe .pdf

The recipe sheet for this week includes a quick checklist of sources for funding that don’t require banks. As odd as this sounds, friends and family should be two of your quickest resources. If they don’t believe in you, they you’re in for a long road ahead 😉

The bottom two sections are what we affectionately call the “Active Graham” and Passive Graham” methods. The active method gives you a strategic game plan mapped out on a timeline. The passive question is a simple statement that you can complete. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, work towards it.

This marked the third week that we streamed our sessions and had a small audio problem and the Internet cut out about 5 times. Our video was salvaged thanks to using Livestream‘s Procaster application. It kept the video recording while we reconnected so nothing was lost when we uploaded the video to YouTube.

We’re still working on setting up an iTunes podcast account. We’ll let you know when we have that up and running. For now, listen to these audio clips:

For now, you can download an .mp3 of this lecture:
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…or you can watch these videos:

3.14.2012 Alternatives to Financing – Lecture

3.14.2012 Alternatives to Financing – Workshop

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Next week’s CAKE on March 21st will be an introduction to marketing with social media. Join us and learn why it’s generally not cool to try and “seal the deal” on the first encounter with a customer online.

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