Killer Copywriting for Small Business Owners

On Wednesday March 7th (Week 10, can you believe it?) we shared some great steps to better copywriting. Graham went over some of the most used methods to get your words to jump out at people and put a stranglehold on their attention.

"Right Click" and "Save Link As" to download this week's CAKE recipe .pdf

For a quick reference when copywriting, follow this simple checklist:

  1. Clear Headline
  2. Declare Problem
  3. Life w/o Problem
  4. Establish Expertise
  5. Present a Solution
  6. Social Validation
  7. Call to Action
  8. Eliminate Risk
  9. Make a Roadmap
  10. Anchor Prices
  11. Use a FAQ Sheet
  12. Show, Don’t Tell

This was also the second week that we streamed our sessions and had fewer technical difficulties this time with Livestream. We broke down the video into two portions, the lecture and actual workshop of a business. For playback purposes, you can view our archived Livestream shows or watch our weekly sessions of CAKE via YouTube.

Soon we hope to also have the audio portion of our sessions on iTunes, but for now enjoy these YouTube videos:

3.7.2012 Copywriting – Lecture

3.7.2012 Copywriting – Workshop

Please feel free to ask questions or provide feedback in the comments section below. Also don’t be a stranger, join the conversation over on Facebook and Twitter.

Next week’s CAKE on March 14th will cover Alternative to Financing.
Join us and learn why venture capital is what you do when you retire.

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