Weapons of Choice (Preview)

Wednesday February 15th we’ll be covering some of our most favorite websites, applications, and software that’s available for businesses to use.

If you want to jump ahead and download Evernote, you’ll be prepared with an awesome note taking tool… just in time for this week’s CAKE.

We’ll be attempting to crash at the Lucky Labrador Brew Pub again.
See you on the 15th at 6pm!

*** on a side note***
We’re getting away from naming the weeks in what is perceived as a chronological order (such as “week 5” or “week 6”). We wanted to let people know that it’s ok if you miss a week or two of CAKE. What we teach isn’t meant to be learned in a certain order. You’re always more than welcome to drop us an email or reply in the comment section of our blog if you have any questions. Thank you for being a part of CAKE.

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