Week 4: Market Research (Preview)

Most people think about market research as this long and drawn out process of spying on your competition. When you’re strapped for time and money the easiest way to gain knowledge about your product and it’s viability in the market place is simply through launching your product!

Sounds crazy? You might be right. However time and money might be scare and in all honesty your main goal when starting a business is to make money as soon as possible. You can spend long amounts of time researching your competitors and taking note of every little thing they do or you can just jump into business.

For example, find a company that sells a similar product or service that you’re looking to offer and try to sell their product first. Testing out your sales skills on someone else will surely gain you valuable experience without having to take on any risk yourself.

Join Graham and Derek as they discuss some more quick and easy ways to get feedback on your business through early launch.

Week 4 of C.A.K.E. will be held on January 25th from 6-8pm at Hair of the Dog Brewing. If you’re in need of parking it is our understanding that there is parking available at the rear of the brewery.


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