Week 3: Branding

This is your brain…

This is your brain on brands!
Week 3: Branding

This week on CAKE we’ll be covering branding. Now that is a wide enough topic to take a couple of weeks, so specifically we’ll be discussing. How the brain processes brands. Get highly detailed insights from Graham Talley on the mental triggers you can implement when developing your brand.

You’ll find topics covered such as:

  • The Neuro-chemistry of Marketing
  • Brands and Religion
  • Using the Senses
  • Brand Piggybacking – Tie yourself to something bigger
  • Branding and Truth – You can’t fake your way into love

Join us Wednesday Jan. 18th at the Hawthorne Hophouse at 6pm.

If you want us to save you a seat, RSVP to our event on Facebook… or just drop by, we’ll make room 🙂

We’re also planning a carrot cake this time around!
*psst… you might want to wipe the drool from your keyboard*

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