hooray for cake

The Last Slice of CAKE

Shhhhhh… Do you hear that? That was a pin drop. You could only hear such a thing from sheer silence. Like the silence we’ve been having for the past couple of months. A lot has happened… Where to start? How about from the beginning… Over 4 years ago CAKEpdx began as a conversation among friends over coffee […]

working from costa rica

Getting Outside & Playing Nice with Others

These past two months have been productive, distracting, adventurous, calm, and many other contradictions all at once. In April, I spent three amazing weeks traveling across Costa Rica. I came back just in time to attend April’s Entretherapy, then got very sick which coupled with wanderlust, killed my productivity for a week. Less than two […]

A Conversation Among Entrepreneurs…

Every Thursday morning I am a part of a peer-mentoring group that gathers and shares what we’re struggling with, what we’ve accomplished, and what we’re working on in our businesses. I’ve been attending this group for almost 2 years now…A lot of startups have come through and most are gone. It was today that an interesting […]