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The Last Slice of CAKE

Shhhhhh… Do you hear that? That was a pin drop. You could only hear such a thing from sheer silence. Like the silence we’ve been having for the past couple of months. A lot has happened… Where to start? How about from the beginning… Over 4 years ago CAKEpdx began as a conversation among friends over coffee […]

The Most Powerful Skill Entrepreneurs Must Have…

COPYWRITING. You use WORDS every day. Whether you’re writing an email to your newsletter, verbally selling to your customer, designing your product’s label, or pitching to an investor for funding, you have to be a master of words in order to get ahead in business. The above four examples are just a fraction of a fraction of the […]

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Getting Outside & Playing Nice with Others

These past two months have been productive, distracting, adventurous, calm, and many other contradictions all at once. In April, I spent three amazing weeks traveling across Costa Rica. I came back just in time to attend April’s Entretherapy, then got very sick which coupled with wanderlust, killed my productivity for a week. Less than two […]

A Conversation Among Entrepreneurs…

Every Thursday morning I am a part of a peer-mentoring group that gathers and shares what we’re struggling with, what we’ve accomplished, and what we’re working on in our businesses. I’ve been attending this group for almost 2 years now…A lot of startups have come through and most are gone. It was today that an interesting […]

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We Asked, You Answered – A New Flavor of CAKE

I’m sure you’ve all read my previous post asking for your help on improving CAKE. If not, I’ll save you the hour that it would’ve taken to read it. Basically we needed your feedback on how to deter people from reserving a seat and then not showing. We also were on the lookout for a […]